Group Medical Malpractice Insurance

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Save an Average of 28% on Group Medical Malpractice Insurance

We work with groups large and small, from one-doctor specialty practices to healthcare organizations with more than 100 physicians. With each scenario, we tailor custom insurance solutions that meet the unique demands of your practice and save you money.

MEDPLI has helped many practices find the right group medical malpractice coverage. If you run a medical practice, you know that insurance costs take a large portion of your operating budget. We get you substantial discounts on your group policy and help you access policy credits, like new-to-practice, part-time, and discounts for participating in risk management courses. We work with many major carriers, all of which are A-rated and provide robust protection.

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Who We Help with Group Medical Malpractice Insurance

We Work With:

  • OB/GYN Groups

  • Orthopedic Groups

  • Primary Care Groups

  • Emergency Physician Groups

  • Anesthesiology Groups

  • Multi-specialty Groups

  • Radiology Groups

  • and more

States We Work In:

Canceled or Non-Renewed? MEDPLI Is Your Best Ally.

Don’t settle for inadequate coverage and exorbitant rates.

Even when you are denied coverage, our insurance brokers can find you the right malpractice insurance solution at the lowest possible rate.


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