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Who is MEDPLI?

MEDPLI is an independent insurance practice specializing in medical professional liability insurance. Through our “A” rated insurance partners, we provide insurance solutions to doctors and healthcare providers in the United States.

MEDPLI was founded with the vision that doctors deserve convenient, affordable, and reliable malpractice insurance solutions from a physician-focused provider that understands their unique needs and preferences.

When you appoint MEDPLI as your broker, you can expect to receive unmatched service, medical liability insurance expertise, and the best available rates for “A” rated coverage. We optimize your insurance program to feature excellent protection, lower premiums, and remarkable service.

  • Your time is valuable. Shopping for the best medical malpractice insurance solution is time consuming. Put the MEDPLI team to work for your practice, so you can get back to helping your patients.

  • Money is not to be wasted. Proper insurance protection can be expensive. Not only do we want you to save money now on premiums, we have a long view to ensure your money (as well as other assets and professional reputation) will be well-guarded in the event of a malpractice lawsuit.

  • Is your work environment stressful? We believe today’s healthcare providers have enough hassle in their lives. Malpractice insurance should be as worry-free as possible. Less stress. More peace of mind.

Our services save time, money, and hassle.

Our Core Values

Why Choose MEDPLI?

Why choose MEDPLI for malpractice insurance?

Cut through the confusion. Obtaining the best solution for your malpractice insurance would mean spending hours getting quotes and trying to decide what the differences are and how your decisions might impact you down the road. Your time is better spent with patients, your staff, or doing something you enjoy. Let MEDPLI do the legwork on your malpractice insurance solutions.

MEDPLI clients get a dedicated Insurance Broker. Are you tired of being treated like a number? You deserve better. Your MEDPLI Insurance Broker is ready to help you solve problems, save money, and protect your assets and reputation. You deserve a relationship with a real person who really cares – and follows through.



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Stay ahead of the curve. Malpractice insurance rates are subject to change over time. If you blindly renew coverage with the same carrier year after year, you don’t know what you are missing! MEDPLI Insurance Brokers seek the best option for you on an ongoing basis. We shop for the best deal for you. All else equal, you can expect to get more and pay less with MEDPLI for your medical malpractice insurance. Get a quote and meet your MEDPLI Insurance Broker on the phone today!


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