Medical Practice Risk Assessment

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We offer tailored Medical Practice Risk Assessments for doctors and medical offices to help ensure they have sufficient medical malpractice coverage.

This service is designed for doctors and medical practices that are looking for a non-biased 3rd party insurance expert to ensure that their current coverage is not leaving them exposed.

Rest assured knowing that you have your best coverage options at a fair market price.

What is Audited During a Medical Malpractice Risk Assessment?

  • Does the practice’s limits of liability meet state minimums or adhere to national or local standards by specialty?
  • Is the deductible cost-prohibitive?
  • Does the practice’s malpractice insurance cover defense costs in addition to the limits of liability?
  • Is the physician’s consent required to settle?
  • Does the policy contain a hammer clause?
  • Is the coverage an Assessable or Claims-Paid policy?
  • What are the provisions for tail insurance?
  • Does the practice’s insurance protect from out of state exposure and cover telemedicine?
  • Does the practice have Entity coverage, Physician’s Assistant and Nurse Practitioner coverage?

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Thank you for making my malpractice insurance easier.  Having MEDPLI is like having an in-house expert on our malpractice insurance.

Dr. Anderson

Dr. Anderson

Family Practice

Buying malpractice insurance for the first time is a daunting task.  Working with MEDPLI was comforting.



Practice Manager

I was quite stressed about having to purchase tail insurance after leaving my job to move for a new position.  MEDPLI helped me through the process and I was able to find an appropriate plan which was affordable for me.

Dr. Shakir

Dr. Shakir


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