Medical Facility Insurance

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MEDPLI offers medical malpractice coverage to medical facilities, including surgery centers, urgent care facilities, cancer centers, and hospitals of all sizes. We help facilities save an average of 28% on their premiums.

Every medical facility has unique needs. We can help your facility obtain insurance that is tailored to your size, capacity, location and more.

We work with A-rated carriers that will ensure your facility and staff are protected with cost-effective and robust medical malpractice coverage.

How We Help Medical Facilities

Surgery Centers

Same-day surgery centers are usually better than hospitals at delivering high-quality care at lower costs – often because of specialization and lower overhead. MEDPLI can help your surgery center improve profitability by reducing liability insurance costs. We have programs to save your surgery center money by combining professional and general liability into one medical facility insurance program.

Urgent Care Clinics

Urgent care clinics deliver prompt medical attention to patients with immediate, but non-urgent healthcare needs. MEDPLI insures clinics like this, protecting against claims of professional and general liability, as well as workers compensation. We obtain this coverage through cost-effective policies.


Often the hub of healthcare communities, hospitals have complex insurance needs. MEDPLI is a physician-centric insurance firm with the ability to insure hospitals of all sizes through our strategic partnerships. MEDPLI helps hospitals implement sound risk management practices to mitigate losses, with a keen eye for your facility’s bottom line.

Cancer Centers

Cancer Centers provide groundbreaking research and compassionate care to patients dealing with cancer. MEDPLI provides customized risk management solutions and insurance products designed to manage the various exposures impacting cancer centers.


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Thank you for making my malpractice insurance easier.  Having MEDPLI is like having an in-house expert on our malpractice insurance.

Dr. Anderson

Dr. Anderson

Family Practice

Buying malpractice insurance for the first time is a daunting task.  Working with MEDPLI was comforting.



Practice Manager

I was quite stressed about having to purchase tail insurance after leaving my job to move for a new position.  MEDPLI helped me through the process and I was able to find an appropriate plan which was affordable for me.

Dr. Shakir

Dr. Shakir


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