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Medical malpractice insurance should be straightforward.

I’m Max, Founder of MEDPLI. I started this business because I wanted to be an advocate for the private practice and small group physicians that go into business for themselves with the goal of delivering excellent service and care to patients in their local communities.

Why is this so important to me? I believe that doctors give value to the world in ways beyond other professions – by directly helping people. Doctors in private practices create a patchwork of choice and individualized care that make America a richer place to be. No matter whether you were born here or you traveled here to pursue your dream, my mission is to support your craft with mine.

First and foremost, I’m committed to doctors and surgeons. This means that you can count on me to be straightforward. I’m here to provide you with the same level of care that you give to your patients.

Just as many physicians choose to specialize in one area, I choose only to provide professional liability insurance options. This focus allows me to do one thing really well – provide a stellar medical malpractice insurance experience by delivering unique and individualized attention to each of my clients. With nearly 15 years of experience in the medical malpractice insurance industry, I understand the diverse needs of solo and small medical practices, a multitude of specialties, and doctors changing jobs who need tail coverage.

I started with an industry leading firm years ago, and quickly realized that I wanted to help solo and small group physicians by providing them with the same level of care that they gave to their patients. My wife, Kristen, is a major supporter of my entrepreneurial spirit. She is a Physician Assistant (PA) who ran a cardiac clinic for 8 years and now helps usher in the next generation of healthcare providers as a teacher at Southern Illinois University’s Physician Assistant Program.

When I’m not making the medical malpractice insurance landscape an easier place to navigate, I prefer to be outdoors with my wife and our 4 kids. I enjoy golfing, coaching little league sports, and hiking the plant-and-sandstone lined trails of the Shawnee National Forest.

As a doctor, your career is a labor of love. So is mine. Medical Professional Liability Insurance is what I do. When you find MEDPLI, we’ll help you.

I look forward to partnering with you.

Our #1 goal is to make medical malpractice insurance
easier for private practice doctors and doctors changing jobs.

Here’s how we accomplish that for you:

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