Medical Spa Malpractice Insurance

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Medical Spas are unique businesses that require custom insurance solutions.

Medical spa treatments often require a high level of expertise, exposing them to major risk when something goes wrong. Because providers work with technologies that alter physical appearances and have the potential to cause a variety of adverse effects, protecting a medical spa with the right type of malpractice insurance is essential.

Medical spas provide a variety of non-invasive aesthetic medical services in a day spa setting by qualified practitioners with onsite supervision by a licensed healthcare professional:

  • Botox

  • fillers

  • laser treatments

  • chemical peels

  • medical weight loss

  • massage therapy

  • permanent makeup

  • hair restoration

  • tattoo removal

A business’s general liability policy or a medical director’s malpractice insurance won’t cover a medical spa in the case of a malpractice suit. If you are a physician owner or non-physician owner of a medical spa in need of medical liability insurance, contact MEDPLI. We work with A-rated carriers that provide robust protection for their policyholders, and we can find affordable coverage for your unique needs.

Why Medical Spas Need Professional Liability Insurance

The Medical Spa industry is generally very safe, but lawsuits do occur.

Medical Spas tend to be sued for:

  • Laser Burns – the most common type of claim against medical spas, usually occurring during

  • Botulism as a result of too much Botox

  • Complications from Sclerotherapy

  • Infection, scarring and hypopigmentation from tattoo removal

  • Infections and allergic reactions from permanent makeup and microblading

  • Injuries exacerbated by chemical peels

  • Failure to complete a service that resulted in damage to a client

  • Irritation or bruising as the result of treatment, even if successful

Despite a medical spa’s best effort to deliver top-level care in the most relaxing atmosphere possible, medical mistakes sometimes happen. Clients who experience good care but feel dissatisfied following their medical spa appointments can be motivated to launch unwarranted liability claims. Unfortunately, the costs associated with defending even an unfounded claim are high, making it extremely important to find comprehensive malpractice coverage that is tailored to your medical spa.

The right medical malpractice insurance will protect you from multiple factors in the event of a lawsuit. These are:

  • Monetary damages awarded to the plaintiff

  • Attorney’s fees and other court costs

Medical Malpractice Insurance Information for Medical Spas

A Medical Spa Practitioner With Liability Insurance Preparing A Patient For Treatment

Medical Spa malpractice insurance policies are “claims made” in contrast to a typical general liability policy, which is occurrence based. Coverage is available for the healthcare facility and everyone who provides services within it – medical directors, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, aestheticians, massage therapists, laser technicians, and others. It is important to inform your broker whether staff are your Employees (W2) or Independent Contractors (1099).

The typical limits of liability on medical spa professional liability policies are $1,000,000 per claim and $3,000,000 annual aggregate; however, excess limits are available based on the needs of the individual spa.

Medical malpractice insurance rates for medical spas vary greatly by a number of unique factors, including claims history, the number and type of staff employed, the nature and location of the business, the number of locations, and the types of services provided. Claims-made estimates are for informational purposes only.

The annual pricing for med spas varies. For a solo provider doing Botox part-time, the annual cost may be under $4,000. Most policies range from $5,000-$7,500.

MEDPLI can help you find a specialized medical spa malpractice insurance policy to ensure your business has the protection it deserves at a fair price. To get your personalized rate estimate, please request a quote.

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