Texas Medical Malpractice: Why Doctors Need Robust Malpractice Insurance Coverage

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Texas Ranks #2 For the Most Medical Malpractice Claims Texas medical malpractice statistics show that Texas ranked second among the top 10 U.S. states with the most medical malpractice claims filed in 2022 – over 3,500 – according to the U.S. National Practitioner Data Bank. The average medical malpractice settlement payout in Texas [...]

Texas OB/GYN Specialists Guide to Medical Malpractice Insurance

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OB/GYN Specialists Are in Demand in Texas OB/GYN specialists are sought after in Texas, especially to meet the healthcare needs of women living in the most remote rural areas of the state. San Antonio and Austin, on the other hand, rank among the Texas cities with the highest concentration of OB/GYNs per [...]

Texas Plastic Surgeons Guide to Medical Malpractice Insurance

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Texas Needs More Plastic Surgeons Texas is at risk of a severe shortage of surgical specialists – including plastic surgeons – by 2025, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. While plastic surgeons may find new opportunities to practice in Texas, recent data from the National Practitioner Data Bank [...]

The Top 5 States to Consider when Starting a Surgical Private Practice

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Physicians looking to practice in a more relaxed atmosphere may be considering opening their own private surgical practice. According to the American Medical Association, close to 46% of practicing physicians owned their own practices in 2018. Additionally, nearly 65% of surgical subspecialists own their practices, as do 54% of ob-gyns. Although the trend [...]

Texas Physicians 2023 Buying Guide to Medical Malpractice Insurance

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Get A Quote Texas Medical Professional Liability Insurance Market Summary Doctors in Texas have a handful of good options for medical malpractice insurance. The top insurers are: The Doctors Company Medical Protective (MedPro) TMLT Norcal Mutual Insurance Company ProAssurance [...]

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