physician crossing arms with red stethoscope malpractice insurance

As a physician, your time is valuable! When you apply for new medical staff privileges or change jobs, you face a mountain of paperwork for credentialing. Within those papers, a section will ask you to supply details of your Medical Professional Liability Insurance (aka Med PLI or Malpractice Insurance). Securing the right malpractice protection means more than just getting a Certificate of Insurance stating that you have the limits of liability required to practice at a given facility. You need more than a piece of paper, you need a person – specifically a medical malpractice insurance broker.

For doctors who want strong malpractice protection while saving time and money, enlist the services of a malpractice insurance broker, such as MEDPLI. Three reasons you should work with a malpractice insurance specialist broker:

1. Better Results

Brokers who specialize in Medical Malpractice will deliver better results than a generalist. If you need spine surgery, you wouldn’t call your neighbor who does general surgery. At MEDPLI, we practice Medical Professional Liability Insurance day in and day out. Because of this, we are best equipped to help doctors save money and get the right malpractice protection. We work efficiently to deliver your Certificate of Insurance fast!

2. Brokers Know the Market

Doctors deserve options for their malpractice coverage – and they do not have the time or ability to fully shop the market to determine all viable coverage options. Medical Malpractice Insurance Brokers know the market. At MEDPLI, we can help you understand the different types of carriers, pricing expectations, and can help you plan for the future.

3. The Intricacies of Nose & Tail Coverage

Claims-made coverage represents the majority of all private malpractice insurance policies in the country, yet many general insurance agents do not understand the intricacies of nose and tail coverage. At MEDPLI, we dream about retroactive dates in our sleep.

Malpractice Insurance Brokers, such as MEDPLI, help physicians navigate the complexities of malpractice insurance more easily. In addition to getting quotes from the top 3 Malpractice Insurance carriers – Medical Protective, The Doctors Company, and ProAssurance (which recently joined forces with NORCAL) – your broker should be able to offer a variety of quotes from companies like Coverys, ISMIE, Aspen, and other “A” Rated medical malpractice insurers. Your practice is unique, and you should partner with a malpractice insurance broker who treats you with individual care and attention.

For more information on malpractice insurance or help finding an A-rated carrier that fits your needs, contact MEDPLI from our Contact page or at 800-969-1339.