Max Schloemann, independent medical malpractice insurance broker and founder of MEDPLI, recently had an article published by Physicians Practice highlighting the importance of comprehensive doctor-patient communication to avoid medical malpractice claims.

As an independent malpractice insurance broker, Max has heard myriad stories from medical providers involved in malpractice suits. In this featured article, Max shares current research and three of his clients’ stories to illustrate the one common theme that many malpractice claims lead back to: communication issues. “From lack of follow-up to inadequate bedside manner, time and again some type of poor communication is the root cause of my clients’ malpractice woes,” he writes.

Max explains that recent studies show that some doctors are sued more than others. Among doctors that are sued most often, poor communication is the most common complaint. Doctors that are sued less often tend to use humor to educate patients and encourage their patients to express their own opinions about their care, among other traits.

Equally important to improved in-person communication, Max continues, is extensive post-procedure follow up, especially with patients who are not compliant with their follow up appointments. Max provides an example of a neurosurgeon client with robust follow up policies in place that reduce the risk of encountering a malpractice claim. “While it may seem burdensome and costly, it might be the difference that prevents a doctor from being sued, even in cases after a medical error has occurred,” he says.

“When you consider my clients’ stories in light of this information, it becomes apparent that if they had done just a bit more follow-up, made one more phone call to check in on the patient, spent a little more time discussing the diagnosis, or made the patient feel heard, then a medical malpractice claim may have been avoided,” he shares.

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